The quarterly "Quaderni Valtellinesi" is now a point of reference in Valtellina and Valchiavenna.
As a matter of fact it has regularly come out since 1981, delivered to its subscribers and distributed in all newspaper kiosks of the province of Sondrio.
The presentation slogan of "Quaderni Valtellinesi" is: "Local Culture And The World".
We are positive that a through examination of the history and of the traditions of a particular place does not necessarily mean to support any form of localism; on the contrary, we believe local cultures to be the right key to confront with the world, without contradicting a more universal culture.
The periodical has many pages, bearing the following matters:
"A Culture For Life", which is generally an interview or a service of considerable importance;
"From Valtellina And From Its Country Roundabouts", a page with informations and a through examination of the local culture;
"And Yet It Moves" - a costant look at distant experiences - and last but not least, the page of the reviews - suggestions not only about books but also about initiatives, exhibitions and conventions about the Alps, the mountains of Valtellina and everything else worth to be mentioned.

2006 subscriptions campaign for
"Quaderni Valtellinesi"

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